Spin, Spin, Spin
A scalable, vertical axis windmill tower with dynamic shutters that decrease wind loading on the structure has won an energy efficiency design contest....

The State of Soil Improvement in China: The G-I Soil Improvement Committee’s China Scan Tour
During the last four decades, China has made significant improvement in various sectors of its infrastructure, including high-speed railways, long-span and cross-sea bridges, large dams, long- and large-diameter...

For Tall, Slender Structures, Wind Matters

Technology Briefs: 3-D Printers Build Model Cities for Wind-Tunnel Tests

Towering Views
A proposed observation tower for New York City’s Central Park would comprise the world’s tallest temporary wooden structure and include a wind-powered system to filter water from the reservoir it would...

As I See It: Rethinking the One-Third Increase in Bearing Capacity for Seismic and Wind

Unique Renewable Energy Project in Germany Combines Wind Turbines with Hydropower

Review of Climate Science for Engineering Practice
Weather and climate are a factor in civil engineering design and practice. Weather is defined as the state of the atmosphere with respect to wind, temperature, cloudiness, moisture, pressure,...

Plans on Track for High-Speed Rail from San Francisco to Los Angeles

As the Recession Winds Down

The New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal
When construction of the first American offshore wind farm support terminal encountered greater challenges than expected, jet grouting enabled construction to continue....

Years After Initial Funding, Illinois Struggles to Develop High-Speed Rail

A Solution for Wind-Induced Vortex-Shedding Vibration of the Harmony and Heritage Platforms During Transpacific Tow
This paper describes the results of an advanced procedure for analyzing wind-induced vortex-shedding vibration (VSV) which was used for the transpacific tows of the Harmony and Heritage...

Calculated Examples of Long-Span Bridge Response to Wind

Wind Loading and Response of a High-Rise Building

Wind Damage in Hurricane Frederic

Tornado Wind Effects on the Grand Gulf Cooling Tower

Transbay Transit Center: Innovations in Automated Monitoring
The new Transbay Transit Center will include a multimodal terminal serving 11 transit systems and future high-speed rail from San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim. This is an ambitious,...

NewsBriefs: Philadelphia Eagles to Install Solar Panels, Wind Turbines at Stadium (Getsolar.com)

Wind Energy Geotechnics





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