A Proposed Method for Red Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus) Resource Assessment in California

Learning to Cooperate: Joining Science and Policy for Ecosystems Governance

The Marine Animal Database: Design, Methods and Use

A Methodology for Developing a Management Program for Protected Areas: The Biosphere Reserve of the Upper California Gulf and Colorado River Delta, Mexico

An Ocean Outfall as an Artificial Reef: Impacts to the Benthic Environment and a Balanced Indigenous Population

What Do We Really Know About Marine Biodiversity in Central California?

One Local View of the California Biodiversity Council

Effectiveness of Marine Life Refuges on Southern California Shores

Demersal Fish and Invertebrate Population Variability

A Ten-Year Summary of Ocean Monitoring on the San Pedro Shelf, California

Chemistry, Toxicity and Benthic Community Conditions of Sediments from Selected Southern California Bays and Estuaries

The State Water Resources Control Board's Marine Bioassay Project

Geotechnical Considerations for the Batiquitos Lagoon Enhancement Project

Dredging and Site Engineering Design for the Poplar Island Restoration Project

Out and About: Learning About Marine Sanctuaries Through Field-Based Education

An Analysis of the Importance of Allee Effects in Management of Red Sea Urchins: Differences Between Oregon/Washington and Southern California

Orange County Central and Coastal Program

Improved Coordination and Cooperation of ESA Activities: How Can We Help Each Other?

Marine Protected Areas, Ecosystem Management, and Ocean Governance: Making Pieces of Different Puzzles Fit Together (without a Hammer)

Marine Fishery Refugia and Coastal Fishery Management





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