Seismic Upgrades Techniques of Improving Post-Earthquake Reliability of Pipelines

Environmental Restoration and Management of the Tres Rios Demonstration Constructed Wetland Project: Mosquito Monitoring, Control and Management Efforts
(No paper) The Tres Rios Demonstration Constructed Wetland Project in Phoenix, Arizona, is providing valuable information on the role of constructed wetlands in ecosystem restoration,...

Selection of an Optimal Ecosystem Restoration Plan: Decision-Making Criteria in the Planning Process
(No paper) This paper explores various decision criteria for restoration projects and how they may be modeled with existing decision models. Cost-effectiveness, incremental cost analyses,...

Treatment of Herbicide Contaminated Groundwater to Non-Detectable Concentrations Applying Ultraviolet (UV) Oxidation

Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model of St. Lucie Estuary

The Circulation over a Longshore Bar with Rip Channels

Robust Techniques for Extension of Streamflow Records
Longer hydrological records are required for the planning of water resource systems. Sensitivity of a system is studied under various scenarios of hydrological inputs to understand its...

Participatory Engineering: Community Involvement to Maximize Benefits of Infrastructure Improvement in Vietnam
(No paper) Participatory engineering deals with the processes which link communities to the technological interventions which affect them. Examples of sustainable linkages abound in many...

The Efficiency of a Peat Biofilter Treatment System and the Impacts on Groundwater Quality

Analysis of Nitrification Processes in Constructed Wetlands for Residential Wastewater Treatment

Bridge-Scour Analysis Using the Water-Surface Profile (WSPRO) Model

Microfiltration (MF) Ultrafiltration (UF) Performance with and without Coagulation

Performance of a Large Diameter Trunk Line During Two Near-Field Earthquakes

Lifelines Interaction Effects on the Earthquake Emergency Response of Fire Department in Tehran Metropolis

Response Analysis of Water Supply Pipelines Network for Seismic Diagnosis

Pipeline Damage Due to Fault Offsets in the Landers Earthquake

Friction Factor Choice in Hydraulic Simulation Models: Does It Matter?
(no paper) To model water distribution systems using computer hydraulic simulation, a user is required to select a form of head loss-flow relationship for each pipe in the network. The...

Water and Wastewater Feasibility Study: Bayview, Virginia

Vertical and Horizontal Coherence Length Scales of Suspended Sediments

French Developments in Reservoir Structures





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