Site Constraints Complicate a Bulkhead Replacement: It Takes a Team to Overcome the Challenges
North American Aggregates (NAA), a leading supplier of aggregates in the New York area, recently constructed a new processing facility in Perth Amboy, NJ. One of the final components of the new facility...

Central Place Sydney to Create New Civic Center for Australian City

A Whole-System Approach to High-Performance Green Buildings, By David Strong and Victoria Burrows. Boston: Artech House, 2017

Artificial Neural Networks in Water Supply Engineering
Prepared by the Water Supply Engineering Technical Committee of the Infrastructure Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE. ...

Application of Simulated Annealing for Integrated Urban Water Systems: Infrastructure, Treatment and Re-Use Optimization
Escalating costs in providing water supply, waste water and storm water infrastructure and community concerns over the environmental impact of water harvesting and effluent disposal, have...

An Innovative Stormwater Management Project in Sydney, Australia
Presented in this proposed paper will be derails of a project implemented in Sydney, Australia aimed at addressing this need for information regarding the implementation and effectiveness...

Australian Connection Design Methods

Canberra Stormwater Management: An Australian Case Study

Development of an Environmental Risk Management Handbook for Australia and New Zealand

Design and Construction of the City Link Driven Tunnels

Ports '98
This proceedings, Ports '98, is a collection of the technical papers presented at the Ports '98 conference held in...

Land-Use Changes, Public Transport and Travel Demand in Australian Cities

Effects of Urban Bunched Traffic Flow on Pedestrian Delay

The Practice of Parking Management in Adelaide

Monitoring & Modeling Streambank Subsurface Water Conditions in North Queensland, Australia

Seismic Microzonation Mapping in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Economic Value and Impacts on Coastal Zone: The Gold Coast Case Study

The Development of an Australian National Oceans Policy

State and Local Government Involvement in Coastal Management, Queensland, Australia

Road Safety Audits - A Summary of Current Practice





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