Light at the End of the Tunnel
As part of a comprehensive program to control combined sewer overflows in Richmond, Virginia, engineers designed a deep tunnel 5,900 feet long to store the polluted water during severe...

Water Resources: Supreme Court Rules on Water Transfer

Water Management: Corps Releases Contentious Plan to Control Missouri River

Fundamentally Sound
Through careful coordination of remediation work that will include the dredging of contaminated sediment and the control of storm water, a busy Seattle shipyard is charting a course for...

Water Treatment: Connecticut Treatment Plant Integrates Form and Function

Water Resources: Denver Opens Water Recycling Plant Amid Severe Drought

Water Resources: Latest Salton Sea Restoration Plan Includes Causeway

Water Treatment: Bioswale Filters Flow to Willamette River

Estimating the Return Period of Multiyear Droughts
Characterizing the return period of hydrologic events has been an important subject in water resources planning and management studies for many decades. The alternative approach has been...

A Participatory Approach to Development of a Decision Support Tool
Effective decision-making in water management must consider both the physical characteristics of the system and the social, political, and institutional aspects. These latter aspects cannot...

Water Resources: Corps Emphasizes Sustainability in Its Five-Year Plan

The processes put in place by water utilities are designed with the quality of water normally received for treatment in mind. But the runoff from areas ravaged by fire can degrade that...

Optimal Selection of Rechlorinization Station in Water Distribution System by Optimization Techniques
The optimal rechlorination in water distribution systems was investigated by incorporating optimization techniques into a numerical water quality model (EPANET2). Four types of optimization...

Water Resources: Levee Break Highlights Threat to California's Delivery System

Drinking Water: D.C. to Replace More Than 20,000 Lead Service Lines

Drinking Water: Work Begins on Seismic Upgrade of Critical Oakland Tunnel

Water Resources: Design Begins on Fort Worth Flood Control Program

A Cleaner Coast Down Under
As part of a strategy to improve the quality of wastewater treatment in the Illawarra- a popular coastal region in Australia- the country's largest supplier of water and wastewater...

Policy Briefing: Senate, House Bills Propose Increase in Funds For Water Supply Research

Tunnels: Twin Tunnels to Bring Drinking Water to Vancouver





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