The Little Sugar Creek Environmental Restoration Initiative ? Freedom Park

Water Quality Modeling for Urban Planning

Plot and Small Watershed Scale Modeling of Infiltration and Runoff on a Semiarid Grassland Using Distributed Green and Ampt Infiltration Parameters

Hydrochemical Modeling of Water Quality in a Ground and Surface Water System within a Semi-Urban Watershed

Short Takes: American Academy of Water Resources Engineers Recognizes First Diplomats

Drinking Water: EPA Survey Increases Estimate of Infrastructure Needs

Policy Briefing: Water Financing Bill Faces Lingering Hurdles in Senate

Water Resources: Lawsuit Seeks to Stop Plans to Line All-American Canal

In The Field: Water Supply Project Helps Pflugerville Handle Growth

Water Supply: Regional Water Plan in California Finally Moves into Design

Water Resources: Design of Long-Awaited San Luis Obispo Pipeline Begins

Water Resources: NPDES Permits Not Needed for Water Transfers, EPA Says

Dalrymple Testifies before Congressional Subcommittee about Water Resources Planning in Gulf Region

Drinking Water: California Water District Receives Patent for Water Treatment Technology

NewsBriefs: China Building Canals To Deal With Water Shortages (China Daily)

NewsBriefs: WERF Funds Software For Wastewater Treatment Facilities (Water Environment Research Foundation)

NewsBriefs: Water Supply Threatened In Western United States (The Arizona Republic)

Policy Briefing: Water Utilities Triumph over MTBE 'Safe Harbor' Provisions

Drinking Water: Research Tests How Well Treatment Methods Remove Endocrine Disruptors

Environmental Engineering: Airfield to be Buried under Dredged Sediment to Restore Wetlands





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