An Evaluation of Injection Well Plugging From a Ground-Water Heat Pump System in Southeastern North Dakota

Borehole Injection Studies in Deccan Trap Basalts Near Nagpur

Lessons from Recharge Experiments in Kuwait

Artificial Recharge of Ground Water in Case of Yamagata City, Japan

Support Spacing of Buried and Above-Ground Piping

Criterion for Predicting Failure of Corroded Linepipe

Structural Performance Criteria for Fitness-for-Service Evaluations of Underground Natural Gas Pipelines

Treatability of Subsurface-Derived Fluids from a Former Manufactured Gas Plant

Biofiltration of Gasoline Vapors from a Soil Vapor Extraction System

Uniform Fluid Induction Through Perforated Conduits

Decision Making Support System for Emergency Shutdown of Gas Lifeline System

Geoseismic Issues Considered for Design of the Samalayuca Pipeline, El Paso County, Texas

Development of SIGNAL: An Early Warning System of City Gas Network

Seismic Design Methods for Oil and Gas Transmission Pipelines: A Comparative Study

Seismic Response of a Regulator in Memphis Gas Transmission System

Mechanism of Gas Pipeline Failures on Balboa Boulevard during the 1994 Northridge Earthquake

Experiments on Seismic Behavior of Back-fill Gravel Layer as Liquefaction Countermeasure of Buried Gas Pipelines

Policy on Acceptable Levels of Earthquake Risk for California Gas and Electric Utilities

Gas Leaks, Gas-Related Fires, and Performance of Seismic Gas Shutoff Valves During the Northridge Earthquake

Mitigation of Seismic Damage to Lifelines Gas and Liquid Fuel Systems





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