CDM Analysis of Creep Rupture in Weldments

Alara Benefits of an MPC Robotic Welding System

Experiences with Welding Multi-Assembly Sealed Baskets at Palisades

Multi-Purpose Canister Closure and Welding: Potential Automation and Impacts

Developments in Ductile Iron Pipe

PR Connected Frames in Seismic Zones

URSULA: Design of an Underwater Robot for Nuclear Reactor Vessel Inspection
This paper describes the development of an underwater robotic system that will be used to perform ultrasonic inspections of nuclear reactor vessel weldments. The development effort consists...

Construction of Large Lunar Structures by Fusion Welding of Sintered Regolith
Regardless of material used, construction of large lunar structures using indigenous resources is likely to requires joining of simple blocks or pieces. Fusion welding using an optical...

Cyclical Behavior of Welded Steel Shear Studs
Four specimens of composite steel and concrete beams were experimentally tested to obtain the cyclical behavior of the welded steel shear stud. This information may be used for the analysis...

MPC Closure Weld Model Study

Evidence for a Welded Tuff in the Rhyolite of Calico Hills

Observations of Water Movement in a Block of Fractured Welded Tuff

Application of High-Performance Steel in New and Retrofit Structures

Vacuum Design of Welded Steel Pipe Buried in Poor Soil

Consideration of Calculated and Measured Weld Metal Cooling Rates for Welding High Strength Steels

Welded Wire Confinement Grids
The invention of a new way to reinforce concrete using high strength welded wire grids, (WWG) increases its earthquake resistance by improved ductility and also opens the way for vast...

Long Life Fatigue Behavior of Welded Steel-Bridge Girder Details
The Federal Highway Administration is nearing completion of a five year, 1.5 million dollar effort titled 'Variable Amplitude Load Fatigue' to investigate the behavior of welded bridge...

Behavior and Design of Angle Connections Subjected to Cyclic Axial Force and Shear
The objectives of this study were to establish cyclic behavior of double angle shear connections subjected to axial load and to develop design recommendations. Five cyclic tests of double...

Recent Successes in Welding Jumbo Shapes
A rather unique structure utilizing jumbo shapes was recently designed and fabricated. The structure was 100% welded according to the specifications for welding jumbo shapes recently developed...

Design of Monosymmetric Sections in Flexure
Monosymmetric members are generally I-shaped, symmetrical about the plane of the web, and characteristically have a larger compression flange than tension flange. Examples are crane girders...





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