Use of Global and Local Analysis Methods in the Structural Design of De Long Piers

Underwater Welded Dock Repairs

Metropolitan Water District San Diego Pipeline 5

Straightening of Inelastically Deformed Bars

Stress Intensity Factors for Welded Bridge Details

Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Corrosion Fatigue Behaviour of Monopod Tubular Joints

Fatigue Research at the University of Illinois

Effect of Thermal Activation on Fatigue Life of Butt Welds

Utility Corridor Problems Caused by Mother Nature

Butt Fusion of Large Diameter Polyolefin Pipe

Evaluation and Repair of Pipe Rupture Restraint Weldments

Welded Space-Frame Pipe Rupture/Anchor Restraints at the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

Plastic Capacity of Raceway Supports - Experimental Evidence

Plastic Capacity of Raceway Supports - Engineering Analysis

Fatigue Cracking—Problem for Welded Steel Bridges
A recent problem with welded steel bridges is fatigue cracking at welded details. Fatigue cracks begin in small flaws or discontinuities at welded connections and grow to a critical size...

Reliable Structural Weldments for Critical Service
Fracture control plans are considered in light of weldment rather than base material alone. Data are presented on the probability of base materials (i.e., plate) having adequate toughness...

Local Buckling of Welded Tubular Columns

Compressive Strength of Welded Plates

Discussion of "Design and Research for Welded Structures"

Structural Welding Inspection





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