Composite Special Moment Frames
Wide Flange Beam to Concrete-Filled Steel Column Connections
Prepared by the Composite Construction Committee of the Metals Technical Administrative Committee of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCEComposite Special Moment Frames: Wide Flange Beam to Concrete-Filled...

Design of Connections
Bolted connections for transmission structures are normally designed as bearing type connections. It is assumed that bolts connecting one member to another carry the load in the connection...

Finite Element Analysis of Complex, Welded Tubular Joints

Fatigue Reliability in Welded Joints of Offshore Structures

Structures Congress 2007
The Congress' technical program was designed with the practicing structural engineer in mind while maintaining a rigorous standard for the academic presentations. Topics include:...

New Shear Stud Provisions for Composite Beam Design
The 2005 American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (AISC 2005) will contain significant changes to the shear connector provisions for...

Maintenance of Diaphragm-Girder Connections
Fatigue cracking at diaphragm-girder connections and at similar connections of cross-frames and floorbeams have been common in steel highway bridges for the past 20 or 30 years. Fatigue...

Cyclic Behavior of Three-Dimensional Partially-Restrained Composite Connections
This paper describes the test of a full-scale, bi-directional, PR composite beam-to-column connection. The PR connection consisted of continuous reinforcement bars across the column and...

Small-Diameter Round Timber Connections
An over stocking of trees having diameters less than 20 cm, as measured 1.52 m off the ground presents a major fire hazard to over 54 million acres of National Forest land. Improving the...

Scour at a Bridge Over the Weldon River Iowa

Concrete Connections
A new application of polymer composites involves the repair and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete frame connections. Test results from a pilot study conducted at the California State...

Easy, Concise Calculations for Eccentrically Loaded Welded Connections

Double-Angle Connections with Slotted Holes in the Supported-Beam-Web-Legs

Bolt Bearing Behavior of Engineered Wood Composites

Development of a Novel Nail Plate Connection System for Ready-to-Assemble Wood Structures

Evaluation of Nail Dowel Bearing Strength Expression

Analysis of Wood Peg Connected Timber Frames

Design Considerations for Timber Frame Connections

U.S. Connection Design Methods

UK Connection Design





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