Performance of an RBC Facility in a Cold Climate

Continuous DO Simulation at Springfield, Missouri
Receiving water impacts on the James River near Springfield, Missouri, were evaluated using the Continuous Stormwater Pollution Simulation System (CSPSS), developed for the 1978 Needs...

Wind Tunnel Design for Physical Modeling of Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Wind in the lower atmosphere has had direct adverse and beneficial impacts of the entirety of humanity throughout the ages. The evolution of wind tunnels for the physical modeling of natural...

Real-Time Rainfall Monitoring-Prediction System
During a 4-year period (1975-1979), a comprehensive hydrometeorological research program was carried out in the Chicago metropolitan area to develop better methods of utilizing meterorological...

Bolted Friction Connections with Weathering Steel
One hundred twenty-six slip tests were conducted on friction-type bolted connections fabricated from A588 weathering steel. The tests were conducted mainly on specimens with mill scale...

Cold Weather Construction Costs and Accidents
The results of a study designed to determine the cost of working during the winter months in a typical northern state are presented. The data indicates that contractors perceive an 11.3...

Preparation of Guidelines for Cloud Seeding to Augment Precipitation

Cloud Seeding Modes and Instrumentation

Section 1, The Scientific Basis

Social and Environmental Issues in Weather Modification

Section 4, Legal Aspects

How to Implement a Cloud Seeding Program

PVC Water Pipe and Cold Weather

Single Wire Ground Return Transmission for Rural Alaska

Dawson City Water and Sewage Program — An Overview

Present Conditions (1980) of the Taps Gravel Workpad

A Survey of Preventing Cold Region Engineering Constructions from Frost Damages in China

Cold Weather Placement and Post Placement Control

Snow Load Analysis for Structures
Methods are examined for using basic climatological data for predicting rational structural loadings in areas of heavy snowfall where standards must be established by local personnel....

Meteorological Impacts on Urban Sulfate Levels
Sulfate levels in Boston, Mass. demonstrated a high correlation with meteorological parameters indicative of long-range transport of aerosols. Two-hour average samples of total sulfate...





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