Weather Modification Potential for Arizona

CREST: A Plan to Augment the Colorado River

Named Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement of the Year, the Luling-Destrehan Bridge across the Mississippi River, twelve miles north of New Orleans, has a 1,222 ft. main span that...

Weather Modification Potential — Santa Clara Valley
Santa Clara County of California has been a water deficient area. The Santa Clara Valley Water District has an obligation to the community and to the other water users in the State to...

Weather Modification Made Easy — A Cookbook Recipe
This paper takes a cookbook approach to the development of a well organized and efficient cloud seeding endeavor, by discussing seven important items necessary for a successful program....

Operational Cloud Seeding Projects in the Western United States
The physical concepts of weather modification were developed and tested in the mid 1940's by Vincent Schafer and Bernard Vonnegut. Since that time, many projects have come...

Design of Offshore Pipelines for Ice Environments
Design and installation of offshore pipelines in cold regions requires special care. Low ambient temperatures may cause increased friction losses in oil and gas lines due to wax crystallization...

Cold Weather Effects on Underground Pipeline Failures

Fatigue of Two Year Weathered A588 Stiffeners and Attachments
An experimental program examined the effect of A588 steel specimens with transverse stiffeners and attachments. It was found that two years of continuous weathering, prior to stress cycling...

Stormwater Pollution Control: Structural Measures
Combinations of storage and wet-weather treatment, integrated with dry-weather treatment facilities and nonstructural control measures on an area-wide basis, are found to provide the greatest...

Ozone and Weather Patterns in Japan and the U.S.
Air pollution and meteorological data were collected in April-June, 1979 for 49 consecutive days in the Tsukuba area about 60 km northeast of Tokyo. Hourly O3,...

Hot-Mix Paving in Marginal Weather
Extension of the construction season for bituminous layers could result in benefits to the public and to the construction industry. Weather conditions in Ohio were studied during the months...

Cold Region Construction Practice in the La Grande Complex - Phase I, Quebec, Canada

Winter Construction at Coyote Station Unit 1

Considerations in the Prevention of Damage to Concrete Frozen at Early Ages

Denny Creek Bridge and Viaduct

Geology of the Hawaiian Islands

Composition Effect on Suction of a Residual Soil

Excavation Design in Residual Soil Slopes

Directional Analysis of Vessel Response





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