Environmental Data Collection Via the Global Meteorological Satellite System for Water Management and Control

Transportation Planning for Southwest Alaska

Spray Application of Wastewater Effluent in a Cold Climate: Performance Evaluation of a Full-Scale Plant

An Evaluation of a Cloud Seeding Program in Utah

Establishing Rock Mass Properties for a Power Plant in Weathered Volcanic Rocks

Selection of Air-Quality Models
The basic question still exists as to what type of model to use and the validity of the predictions. Some of the data that affect the credibility of model predictions are dependent upon...

Simulation of Construction Project Duration
MUD (model for uncertainty determination) will simulate the progress under uncertainty of the typical construction project on which the activity durations are not independent of each other....

Characterization of Ozone Episodes in Urban Air
Air pollution and meteorological data were collected in Chicago during August and early September for 54 and 39 consecutive days in 1976 and 1977, respectively. Regular measurements were...

Flight Instrumentation Requirements for All-Weather Approach and Landing

Heavy Falls of Hail and Rain Leading to Roof Collapse
The operation of two large and dense weather networks to record and measure rainfall and hailfalls in two urban areas have yielded interesting weather-damage information that may need...

Sampling Errors in Estimation of Extreme Winds
An investigation is presented into the question of whether series of extreme wind speed data in climates not subjected to hurricane winds are best fit by Type I or Type II extreme distributions....

Markov Process for Simulating Daily Point Rainfall
A modified Markov Chain model is used to generate synthetic traces of daily rainfall amounts at a point. Mixed discrete-continuous distributions are used to model the state transition...

Archeology and Construction in the North

Specific Features of Constructing Underground Hydraulic Structures in Permafrost Conditions

Winter Road Construction Techniques

Design Considerations for Airfields in NPRA

Temporary Protection of Cold Weather Construction
The literature of cold weather construction documents the importance of providing temporary protection of projects during the winter in northern regions. A survey of Alaskan contractors...

Motion of Suspended Bridge Spans under Gusty Wind
The buffeting response of suspended-span bridges can be calculated if certain wind-tunnel section model data, plus wind spectral information, are provided. The needed wind tunnel data...

Foundation Bearing in Weathered Rock

Structural Characteristics of Weathered Plywood
Plywood exposed for more than 21 yr to continuous weathering and use as the roof decking of portable hog houses was found to have strength properties comparable to those expected in new...





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