Cold Weather Roofing Failures

Asphalt Pavement Crack Control at Fairbanks International Airport

Use of Low Viscosity Asphalts in Cold Regions

Ice Buildup in Tailing Basins

Strength of Compacted Frozen Fill After Thawing

Frozen Gravel: A Study of Compaction and Thaw-Settlement Behavior

A Unique New Cold Weather Testing Facility

Unfrozen Water Contents of Six Antarctic Soil Materials

Weathering Steel Bridges — State of the Art
State of the art dissertations on materials that have been in commercial use for over a century are not likely to illustrate major new and innovative breakthroughs. Instead, the state...

Results from Three Rain/Snow Enhancement Cloud Seeding Programs in the Southern Sierra Range of California

A Snowpack Enhancement Program Using Liquid Propane

A Utah Snowpack Augmentation Program

Lake Almanor Cloud Seeding Project

Liabilities for Weather Modification Activities

Cold/Warm Water Zone Supply—An Edmonton Experience

Model Test Usage in Determining Operation Limits

Climatic Data in the Coastal Zone—Our Climate as a Natural Resource

Weathering of Constituents at Land Treatment Sites
The objectives of this research were to: 1) determine the leachability of metals and organics from soils at hazardous waste land treatment sites; 2) evaluate the mobility of hazardous...

Advisory System for South Florida Water Management
A comprehensive, real-time advisory system was developed for the operation of water control facilities within the South Florida Water Management District. The Operations Assistant and...

Development of the Hydrodata CD-ROM Data Storage System
To store and retrieve data from two of the USGS WATSTORE databases - the daily and peak values files - and the Summary of the Day file from the National Climatic Data Center, the authors...





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