Stone Exposure Test Wall at NIST

Laboratory Evaluation of Building Stone Weathering

Los Angeles Metro-TBM Starter Tunnels-Mixed Face Conditions
Twin TBM starter tunnerls with mixed face conditions were successfully mined by roadheader with steel rib and shotcrete initial support beneath the Hollywood Freeway. Tunneling and total...

An Expert System as Support in Maintenance of Road Pavement Surface

Optimized Boundary Conditions for Coastal Modeling

Efficient Pump Representation for Fixed-Grid MOC in Pipeline Systems
An explicit solution of the pump power failure boundary condition is shown to have many computational advantages over the conventional implicit pump boundary condition solution (i.e.,...

Comparative Simulation of Oil Weathering
Oil spills in the aquatic environment, an unfortunately more and more common occurrence, cause contamination effects which negatively impact water quality, health of ecosystems and water...

Determination of Bridge Scour Velocity in an Estuary
Determination of the appropriate design for protection against bridge pier scour depends significantly upon the design velocities at the project site. In estuaries with large influences...

Modeling the Impact of Uncertainty in Spatial Variability of Estuarine Boundary Conditions
Multi-dimensional numerical estuarine models that consider baroclinic forcing require the specification of both the water surface and the water density (salinity and temperature) at the...

Modeling the Impact of Sea Level Rise in Delaware Bay
A three-dimensional model of the Delaware Bay has been employed to provide insight on the impact of a 1.0 ft (0.304 in) sea level rise on salinity conditions in Delaware Bay. Model results...

The Use of Hydrologic Budget Techniques in Assessing Site Suitability for Wetland Creation
This paper discusses the general concepts and benefits of using of hydrologic budget techniques to describe the typical hydrologic conditions that might be expected at prospective site...

Evaluation of Microcrack Damage Growth and Healing of Asphalt Concrete Pavements Using Stress Wave Method

Thermo-Micromechanical Damage Modeling of Airfield Concrete Pavement

Stably-Stratified Surface Thermal Jet in a Current: Cold Climate Condition

A Wheeled Mobile Robot for Automated Pavement Crack Sealing

Stochastic Snow Load Process Model from Daily Climatological Data

Road and Airfield Design for Permafrost Conditions

Minimum Thermal Protection for Cold Weather Masonry

Northern Climate Weathering Tests on Sealed Concrete

Low Temperature Performance Rating Criteria for Lubrication Greases





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