Freeze-Thaw Durability of Concrete Cured Below 0°C Using Antifreeze Admixtures

Cold Weather Testing of Outdoor Gas-Fired Heaters

Shakwak Highway Project—Construction Challenges

Design and Construction for Asphalt Pavements in Permafrost Areas: Case Study of Qinghai-Tibet Highway

Environmental-Induced Longitudinal Cracking in Cold Regions Pavements

Pavement Distress Caused by Deep Heave in Anchorage, Alaska

Soil Creep and Creep Testing of Highly Weathered Tropical Soils

Appalachian Piedmont Regolith: Relations of Saprolite and Residual Soils to Rock-Type

Predicting the Mode, Susceptibility, and Rate of Weathering of Shales

Constructional and Environmental Aspects of Structural Materials at Antarctica and Indian Himalayas

Design with Residual Materials
Geotechnical and Construction Considerations
Residual materials are in-place soil and rock like material derived from the chemical weathering of rock. The nature of residual material is a function of the type of parent material and...

Roads and Airfields in Cold Regions
This state-of-the-practice report on the design and development of roads and airfields is the eighth monograph in a series prepared by the Technical Council on Cold Regions Engineering...

Guidelines for Cloud Seeding to Augment Precipitation
This manual of professional practice, Guidelines for Cloud Seeding to Augment Precipitation (ASCE Manual No. 81), is the outgrowth of a committee report by the same...

An Expert System for the Identification of Causes of Failure of Asphalt Concrete Pavement

Weathering Effect on the Dispersion of a Heavy Crude Oil

Assessing Integrity of Agricultural Weather Data

Multivariate Stochastic Modeling and Optimal Filtering for Weather Network Data Quality Control

Scientific Basis of Precipitation Enhancement

Comprehensive Network Analysis with Time Decoupled Boundary Conditions

The Use of Soil Suction in Analysis of Pavement Cracking





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