Evaluation of Before and After Traffic Conditions
A microcomputer program to evaluate the before and after traffic conditions of a highway project is described. An overview of the evaluation methodology used in the design of the program...

Evaluation of Cloud Seeding: Southern Great Plains
One of the important aspects of planned weather modification in the United States is that many operational, non-experimental cloud seeding projects have occurred since 1950. Further, several...

Near Real-Time Climatic Data in Illinois
The need for making real-time climatic data available for use was recognized in Illinois, and a concerted effort began in 1983 to develop a system for collecting and disseminating near...

Karnafuli Hydroelectric Project, Hydraulic Model Studies of Spillway Damage
The Karnafuli Hydroelectric Project is located in Bangladesh. On August 13, 1961, distress was noted in the spillway flow. A special Board of Consultants considered possible causes for...

Rigid Pavement Rehabilitation: Interstate 95—Duval County, Florida
Rehabilitation studies have been conducted on Interstate 95 in Duval County, Florida. The rigid, unreinforced pavements were constructed in the late 1950's and 1940's....

Real Time Water Control System

Meander Pattern Modification at Lansing, Iowa (Problem Statement)

Cloud Seeding: Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

Weather Modification Potential for Arizona

CREST: A Plan to Augment the Colorado River

Weather Modification Made Easy — A Cookbook Recipe
This paper takes a cookbook approach to the development of a well organized and efficient cloud seeding endeavor, by discussing seven important items necessary for a successful program....

Simple Algorithm for Dynamic Optimization of Structure

Application of the Similitude Theory for Numerical Solution of Plates and Shells with Large Deflections

Effect of Boundary Conditions on Stud Connector Forces in Composite Systems

A Simplified Finite Element Approach for Analysis of Folded Plate Structures

Operational Cloud Seeding Projects in the Western United States
The physical concepts of weather modification were developed and tested in the mid 1940's by Vincent Schafer and Bernard Vonnegut. Since that time, many projects have come...

Large Amplitude Vibrations of Geometrically Imperfect, Clamped Anti-Symmetric Angle and Cross Ply Rectangular Plates

Design of Offshore Pipelines for Ice Environments
Design and installation of offshore pipelines in cold regions requires special care. Low ambient temperatures may cause increased friction losses in oil and gas lines due to wax crystallization...

Depth-Integrated (k-ε) Turbulence Modelling

Circular Plates of Rectangular Orthotropy





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