Towers in Motion (available in Structural Engineering Special Section only)
Undersea towers are typically designed to rigidly resist the forces of water and wind. But one type of tower is designed to be flexible and, rather than rely on its platform strength to...

Investigation of Velocity Patterns under a Bridge Deck in a Pressure Flow Condition

Vertical Contraction Scour at Bridges with Water Flowing Under Pressure Conditions

Interim Procedures for Pressure Flow Scour

Determination of Bridge Scour Velocity in an Estuary

Determination of Bridge Scour Velocity in an Estuary

Runup of Wind Waves on Riprap

Design Considerations for Coastal Zone Exposed to Hurricane-Induced Wave Action

Integrating Nondestructive Evaluation Tools for Timber Inspection

Seismic Measurements to Investigate Disturbed Rock Zones

Seismic Performance of the Yerba Buena Island Tunnel

Bed Roughness over Vortex Ripples

Effect of Near-Bed Velocity Skewness on Cross Shore Sediment Transport

Comparison of Concentration Measurements with Well-Sorted and Bimodal Sand

Effect of Long Waves on Transport Rate Under Irregular Sheet Flow Conditions

Fluidization of the Sand Bed and Sediment Movement in the Surf Zone

Effect of Oscillatory Flow on Settling Rate of Fine Sediment

Effect of Wave Breaking and Bed Friction on Suspended Sediment Concentration

Vertical and Horizontal Coherence Length Scales of Suspended Sediments

Influence of Wave Groups on Sand Re-Suspension over Bedforms in a Large Scale Wave Flume





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