The Circulation over a Longshore Bar with Rip Channels

Longshore Drift Evaluation on a Groyned Shingle Beach Using Field Data

Sediment Suspension by Random Breaking Waves Evaluated from the CERC Formula

Quasi-Seasonal Morphological Shore Evolution Response to Variable Wave Climate

Submarine Land Slide and Its Impacts on the Neighboring Coast

Analysis of Sediment Transport Processes at Westport, Massachusetts

Beach Response to a Segmented Breakwater System, Southwest Louisiana, U.S.A.

Beach Cusp Formation: Analysis of a Self-Organisation Model

Shoreline Change by Waves, Wind, and Tidal Current: Corpus Christi Bay, Texas

Sedimentation and Harbor Hydrodynamics at U.S. Coast Guard Station, Port Huron, Michigan

Argus-Based Monitoring of Intertidal Beach Morphodynamics

Profile Development under Storm Conditions as a Function of the Beach Slope

Roughness Wavelengths Induced by Frost Heave

Flat Dilatometer Modulus Applied to Drilled Shaft Foundations in Piedmont Residuum

Estimation of Ebb-Tidal Shoal Sediment Transport Based on a Roller Inclusive Boussinesq Breaking Model

Great Earthquakes, Abundant Sand, and High Wave Energy in the Columbia Cell, U.S.A.

Effect of Long Waves on Cross-Shore Sediment Transport Rates

Numerical Modeling of Overwashed Dune Profiles

Influence of Wave Groups on Sand Re-Suspension over Bedforms in a Large Scale Wave Flume

Wave-Mud Interaction: Wave Attenuation and Mud Mass Transport





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