Periodic Shoreline Morphology: Fire Island, New York

Great Earthquakes, Abundant Sand, and High Wave Energy in the Columbia Cell, U.S.A.

Scaling Winter Storm Impacts on Assateague Island, Maryland, Virginia

Wave-Mud Interaction: Wave Attenuation and Mud Mass Transport

Abandoned Reclamations as Analogues for Sea Defence Re-Alignment

Analysis of Sediment Transport Processes at Westport, Massachusetts

The Influence of Set-Up Currents on Sediment Movement behind Detached Breakwaters

Beach Response to a Segmented Breakwater System, Southwest Louisiana, U.S.A.

Beach Cusp Formation: Analysis of a Self-Organisation Model

Shoreline Change by Waves, Wind, and Tidal Current: Corpus Christi Bay, Texas

Inner-Bank Erosion at Jetty-Shoreline Intersection

Sedimentation and Harbor Hydrodynamics at U.S. Coast Guard Station, Port Huron, Michigan

Argus-Based Monitoring of Intertidal Beach Morphodynamics

Profile Development under Storm Conditions as a Function of the Beach Slope

Aeolian Sand Transport and Vegetation in Front of a Foredune

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Study the Health Impact of Air Emissions

Risk Based Corrective Action at a Former Military Site

Wastewater Pretreatment at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Vacuum Recovery of Free Phased Leaded Gasoline Plume: Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Assessment of Wave Propagation Effects on a 1925 Pipeline with Oxyacetylene Girth Welds





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