Rainfall-Runoff Modeling for Watershed Stormwater Management
In the design of watershed stormwater management plans used for land development, the Pennsylvania State Runoff Model (PSRM) presents upstream subbasin flows that contribute to the peak...

BASINS—A GIS-linked Watershed Analysis and Modeling Tool
Better Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Sources (BASINS) is a GIS based tool developed by EPA's Office of Water to help States target and evaluate water...

Some Thoughts About Ecosystems: Management, Control, and Uncertainty

Estimating Sediment Conveyance Capacity and Deposition Potential in Culverts
In watersheds characterized by high sediment production, culverts must be designed to adequately convey both water and sediment without causing excessive backwater upstream of the culvert...

Implementation of Watershed Planning in Chester County Pennsylvania
The author presents portions of a study into the current watershed regulatory framework in Pennsylvania, and how effectively this framework supports watershed sustainability when faced...

Lake/Reservoir Restoration Activities in Taiwan
The paper presents a brief overview of recent lake and reservoir restoration project activities in Taiwan, an island nation in a sub-tropical and relatively wet climate. Because of steep...

Water Based Land Use Regulations Using GIS Water Budgeting Model
Protection of water quality and supplies in developing watersheds requires maintenance of the natural water budget. Water budgeting model using GIS provides foundation for land use regulatory...

Watershed Protection Using an Integrated Approach

A Watershed Approach to Urban Stormwater Management Integrating Federal, State and Local Objectives

Using SWMM in Urban Stormwater Master Planning

Blue-Green Revisited: Integrating Stormwater Management Into the Urban Planning and Development Process

Watershed/Ecosystem Issues in Urban Runoff Monitoring and Management

Monitoring of Best Management Practices

Development of a Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Strategy for Taiwan

Fee-Collection Program to Improve Water Quality

Prior-Spring Lakes Watershed Improvement Project

Richmond Creek Drainage Plan

Integrated Stream Management in the Longwell Run Watershed Carroll County, Maryland

Watershed Management Planningg Approach

Massachusetts' Quabbin Reservoir a Model for Watershed Management





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