Measuring the Health of Aquatic Ecosystems Using Biological Assessment Techniques: a National Perspective

Using Bioassessments to Evaluate Cumulative Effects

The Alluvial Progress of Piedmont Streams

Large Woody Debris in Urban Streams of the Pacific Northwest

Effects of Watershed Development of Hydrology and Aquatic Habitat Structure

Assessing the Condition and Status of Aquatic Life Designated Uses in Urban and Suburban Watersheds

Watershed Determinants of Ecosystem Functioning

Impacts of Watershed Development on Aquatic Biota, Round 1

Cumulative Impacts of Watershed-Scale Development on Stream Morphology

Fanno Creek Watershed Planning and Enhancement

Can Environmental Impacts of Watershed Development Be Measured

Impacts of Watershed Development on Aquatic Biota, Round II

Impervious Cover as a Urban Stream Indicator and a Watershed Management Tool

Riparian Stewardship in the Post Regulatory Era: The Stick, the Carrot and the Light Bulb

Florida's Evolving Stormwater/Watershed Management Program

Aesthetics in the Constructed Environment
This proceedings, Aesthetics in the Constructed Environment, contains papers presented at the 24th Annual Conference of ASCE's...

Modeling for Study of the Hydrologic Processes in Watershed

Making Room at the Table: Providing Fish Flows in Fully Allocated Watersheds of California's Central Valley

Ecosystem Health and Salmon Restoration: A Broader Perspective

Using Modeling to Investigate Impacts of Grass Waterway on Water Quality





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