Cooling Water Recirculation in the Ocean

Water Wave Equivalent of Mach-Reflection

Diffraction of Wind Generated Water Waves

Transmission of Waves Past a Rigid Vertical Thin Barrier

Model Studies of the Dynamics of an LSM Moored in Waves

Model Study of Mooring Forces of Docked Ship

Waves '93: Opening Remarks by Robert L. Wiegel

Dye-Vector Flow Visualization-Cooling Water Model

Water Gravity Waves Generated by a Moving Low Pressure Area

Cooling by Ocean Water: Model/Field Comparison

Surface Discharge of Horizontal Warm-Water Jet

Physical Model Verification of a Coastal Discharge

The Design Wave in Shallow Water

Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
Fully revised and updated, this three-volume set from the Water Environment Federation and the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers presents...

Characterizing the Seismic Threat to California's Water Supply

Heave Distress Problems in Chemically-Treated Sulfate-Laden Materials

Watershed-Based Permitting — A Myth or Reality?
The United States Environmental Protection Agency has promulgated the Total Maximum Daily Load process to achieve the goals of the Clean Water Act. The TMDL processis applied to water...

Simulating Radionuclide Transport Away from an Underground Nuclear Test: Linking Non-Isothermal Flow and Mechanistic Reactive Transport
The low-yield (0.75 kiloton) Cambric underground nuclear test situated in alluvium below the water table offers unique perspectives on radionuclide transport in groundwater. The Cambric...

Coupling Physical, Chemical, or Biological Methods for Innovative Groundwater Remediation Coupled Polymer Floods and Bio-Chemical Remediation Techniques for Enhanced Groundwater Treatment
Many groundwater remediation techniques are designed to remove or destroy contaminants in situ, but these goals can be accomplished only by...

Evaluation of IA SWAT Testing Protocol for ET Controllers
In recent years the Irrigation Association (IA) has developed a testing protocol for Smart Water Application Technologies (SWAT). These technologies consist of irrigation controllers such...





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