Improving Cost and Schedule Performance on Municipal Pipeline Projects: Realizing the Benefits of the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Alternative Project Delivery Method
The water and wastewater infrastructure in the United States is failing. In its 2013 Report Card on American Infrastructure, ASCE stated: "The water and wastewater...

Design Work Begins on Major Expansion of Houston Treatment Facility

Drinking Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan, Prompts Congress to Consider Responses

White House Promotes Water Innovation Strategy to Conserve, Augment Water Resources

Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations
Civil engineers have responsibilities for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of physical infrastructures. These infrastructures include all types of buildings,...

Evaluating Bridges With Unknown Foundations for Susceptibility to Scour: North Carolina Applies Risk-Based Guidelines to Over 3,750 Bridges
Scour occurs when flowing water removes erodible material such as sand and rock. For bridges over water, scour affects the stability of pier and abutment foundations and contributes to...

Outfitted with Turbines, Portland Water Pipeline Generates Hydropower

Geotextile Tube Dewatering
Geotextile tubes are made of high-strength, permeable geotextile that, when filled with a slurry, allow water to drain from the tubes while retaining the solids. They can be prefabricated...

Long-Term Performance Monitoring of a Hillside Retaining Wall
To accommodate expansion of the West Point Treatment Plant in Seattle, WA, a 3,000-ft-long soldier pile, tieback-anchored retaining wall was constructed from May 1991 to May 1992. An oblique...

Design Considerations Common To All Permeable Pavements
Impervious cover in watersheds without controls result in increased stormwater runoff and decreased groundwater recharge in response to rainfall events. This increased runoff can be the...

Buried Streams Export More Nitrate Than Do Open Streams, Study Finds

Thornton Composite Reservoir Greatly Boosts Chicago's CSO Storage Capacity

Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment
The Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment presents activity and research developments in water issues, challenges, and opportunities throughout the developed landscape. The scope covers...

Paris Airport Constructs Wetlands Solution to Winter Pollutants

Utility Tests Ion Exchange Process to Comply with California's Chromium 6 Limit

Congress Seeks Answers in Addressing Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water

Conservation Offers Untapped Benefits for Improving Water Quality, Supplies, Report Says

Appendix A Lake Superior Regulation: Addressing Uncertainty in Upper Great Lakes Water Levels
Back matter pages come after the papers or chapters in a published work. This back matter contains Lake Superior regulation: addressing uncertainty in upper great lakes water levels....

Los Angeles to Capture More Stormwater to Help Meet Future Water Demands

Portland Development Conducts District-Scale Wastewater Treatment and Reuse





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