A New Approach to Mitigate Subsidence Problems: A New Approach to Mitigate Subsidence Problems
Mexico City has a decades-old problem with severe consequences: its lacustrine zone is subsiding due to pumping of potable water from the main aquifer. The geotechnical team assigned to work on the problem...

Connecting Continents: Challenges of the Eurasia Tunnel in Istanbul
The Eurasia Tunnel, the first bored tunnel crossing of the Istanbul Strait (Bosphorus) in Istanbul, Turkey, is a site that presents many unique challenges, including very poor ground conditions, unusually...

The Urban Ocean: The Interaction of Cities with Water, by Alan F. Blumberg and Michael S. Bruno. New York City: Cambridge University Press, 2018

Design Work to Begin on $17-Billion California WaterFix Program

Florida City’s Water System Opens New Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

Adventures in Managing Water
Real-World Engineering Experiences
Sponsored by the River Basin Planning, Policy, and Operations Technical Committee of the Planning and Management Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCEAdventures in Managing...

Central Texas Project Seeks to Ensure Water Supplies Keep Pace With Growth

House Handily Approves Water Resources Development Act
The House passes the Water Resources Development Act, putting pressure on the Senate to advance its water resources bill....

California’s East Valley Water District Finalizes Design/Build Contract for Sterling Natural Resource Center

Tucson Will Use Reclaimed Water to Recharge Groundwater, Revitalize River

Maryland Farmer, Researchers Test Effectiveness of Pool System for Improving Water Quality

Water Resort Rolls With the Terrain

Company Will Extract Beneficial Products from El Paso’s Desalination Concentrate

Senate Water Resources Bill Emerges as Possible Contender for Passage This Year
Bipartisan water resources legislation recently introduced in the Senate could become one of the few major infrastructure bills to pass Congress this year....

America’s Water Infrastructure Act Reauthorizes WRDA, Safe Drinking Water Programs
The recently enacted America’s Water Infrastructure Act updates the civil works program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, reauthorizes the federal dam and levee safety programs, and authorizes additional...

Perfluorinated Chemical Contamination in Drinking Water Raises Concerns in Congress
Shortly after a House subcommittee examined the issue of perfluorinated chemicals in drinking water, a group of Michigan representatives introduced legislation intended to encourage federal agencies to...

Shuster Infrastructure Plan Would Raise Gas Tax, Boost Clean and Water Funding

Brewers Make Beer Using Recycled Water to Promote Potable Reuse In Arizona, Colorado

Borehole Geophysics: Tools to Characterize Rock Properties
Effective design and construction in rock requires characterization of the engineering properties of the rock mass, as well as any associated geological features such as joints, faults, and bedding planes....

Virginia Project Benefits from Unique Intake Structure and New Take on Design/Build





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