Integrated Planning for Sustainable Urban Water Resources

The Role of Water in Our Cities

The Tualatin River: A Water Quality Challenge

Integrated Stormwater Management in the City of Malmö, Sweden

Swiss Experience in Integrated Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management in the United States — Key Challenges and Possible Solutions

Scottish Experiences with Stormwater Management in New Developments

The Joshua's Creek Urban Water Resources Management Experience — Paradigm for Sustainability or Slave to Expediency?

Stormwater Pond Perceptions Vs. Realities: A Case Study

Reversing the Past? — New Approaches to Urban Drainage in the Emscher Area

The Rouge Project: Building Institutional and Regulatory Frameworks Necessary for Watershed Approaches to Wet Weather Pollution Management

Receiving Water Quality Indicators for Judging Stream Improvement

Filtration Devices for Urban Drainage: A 50-Year Experience in Lyons

French Developments in Reservoir Structures

The Hydrology of Urban Runoff Quality Management

Design & Selection Guidance for Structural BMPs

Applying Ecological Criteria for Stream Biota and an Impact Flow Model for Evaluating Sustainable Urban Water Resources in Southern Ontario

A Demonstration River Restoration Project Incorporating Surface Water Sewer Improvements

Restoring Urban Streams in Atlanta: Metro Atlanta Urban Watersheds Initiative

Canberra Stormwater Management: An Australian Case Study





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