Sediment Management in Buffer Basins at Hydropower Plants

Solution of Sediment Problems for Hydro Cascade on Mountain River

Increased Output of Old Power Plants - Limitation and Problems to be Solved

Head Recovery in the Tailwater of Low Head Hydro Power Stations

Surging Phenomena of Twin Surge-Tanks of the Okukiyotsu No. 2 Power Station

The Virtual Fish Concept: Numerical Prediction of Fish Passage Through Hydraulic Powerplants

Influence of Pumped-Storage Powerplant Zarnowiec on Natural Lake (Lower Reservoir)

Study on Wave Pumping-Up Power Station

Influence of Power Station Operations on Sediment Storage and Transport in a River Subject to Mine Waste Discharge

Thermal Regime of the Missouri River Along Its Iowa Border

Structures of Debris Flow Countermeasures

Ground Improvement, Ground Reinforcement and Ground Treatment
Developments 1987-1997
This proceedings, Ground Improvement, Ground Reinforcement and Ground Treatment: Developments 1987-1997, contains the committee report of the...

Effect of Pulsed Air Injection During In-Situ Air Sparging for Groundwater Remediation

In-Situ Radio Frequency Heating for Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Contamination

Enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction with Radio Frequency Heating

Construction Issues Facing Ultra Pure Water Systems

Advancements of TBMs and Back-up Equipment over Twenty-Five Years of TARP

Innovative Treatment of Contaminated Soils-QA/QC Procedures

Software to Optimise Hydropower Plant Design

Control and Creation of Tidal Residual Current in a Semi-Enclosed Bay by Bottom Roughness with Directional Resistance Characteristics





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