Expected Performance of Thermal Stress Relief Elements for Ground Support at the Yucca Mountain Repository

Field Measurements during Construction of a Sewage Tunnel

Short Aggregate Piers Reinforce Soils Near Tunnels

Waste Tires Help Clean the Air

Fine Sediment Transport from Opportunistic Sand Disposal, Carlsbad, California

Submarine Land Slide and Its Impacts on the Neighboring Coast

Impacts of Proposed Improvements to Ponce DeLeon Inlet, Florida

Relocation of a Tidal Channel for Shore Stabilization and Protection

Navigation Channel Deepening and Sediment Containment Strategies

Bypassing of Dredged Muddy Sediment and Thin-Layer Disposal, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

Modeling the Fate of Dredged Material Placed at an Open Water Disposal SiTe in Upper Chesapeake Bay, USA

Stability of Dredged Silt Placed on an Eroding Estuarine Foreshore

The ASCE Residuals Transport Manual

Development of a Marsh-Based Upwelling Injection System to Treat Domestic Wastewater from Coastal Dwellings

Analysis of Nitrification Processes in Constructed Wetlands for Residential Wastewater Treatment

Modeling of Shallow Stabilization Ponds

Membrane Characterization and Membrane Material Optimization

Treatment of Nitrocellulose by Thermal Decomposition

Adsorption and Biodegradation of High Explosives on Granular Activated Carbon

Management of Technology and Regulatory Requirements in Civil Engineering Systems by Risk Analysis: Design Life vs Technological Life





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