The Penstock Puzzle
After 40 years of chronic slope movements and several engineering studies, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District in California signed a design-build contract to stabilize the 1,500...

Evaluation of KeySystem I Retaining Wall
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), a CERF Innovation Center. This report describes an evaluation to determine...

Stream Stability and Scour Training in Support of the NBIS

Training for Bridge Inspectors in Stream Stability and Scour

Gravel Mining Impacts on San Benito River, California

Supply of Large Woody Debris in a Channel Network

Geomorphic and Hydraulic Factors Affecting Stream Stability at New York Thruway Bridges

Bank Stability Analyses Verses Field Observations

Relation of Channel Stability to Scour at Highway Bridges Over Waterways in Maryland

Stream Bank Erosion: Application of the Erodibility Index Method

Use of Geomorphic Data for Assessing Stream Stability at Bridge Structures

Quantitative Techniques for Stream Stability Analysis

Comparison of Erosion and Channel Characteristics

Quantitative Techniques for Stream Stability Analysis

Threats to Bridge Stability from Scour Related Failures of Drop Structures

Equivalencing Rock Riprap and Gabions for Stream Channel Protection

Channel Scour Protection at Roadway Crossings

Bank Protection Toe-Downs and Local Pier Scour

Design of Guide Banks for Bridge Abutment Protection

Drop Structures in the Real World Guidelines for Drop Structures in Grass Lined and Wetlands Channels





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