Seattle Freeway Park; A Scene of Blissful Contrasts
The Seattle Freeway Park was nominated for honorable mention for OCEA. Although not of massive scale and not dramatically innovative in civil engineering design and construction methods,...

Impact of Dredging on Water Quality in Grays Harbor, Washington

Sediment and Elutriate Toxicity to Oyster Larvae

Evergreen Point Bridge Maintenance Problems

Washington, D.C. Mall Tunnel
The 4,002 ft (1220 m) cut and cover tunnel crossing the Mall just west of the U.S. Capitol created some unusual construction and design problems. Three areas warrant special mention. These...

Water Quality Aspects of Irrigation Drainage in the Yakima Valley, Washington

Grand Coulee 3rd Powerplant — Units 22, 23 and 24

Antilon Lake Pumped Storage Project

Owners Comments

Watershed Behavior after Forest Fire in Washington

Design and Observation of a Tied-Back Wall

Design of Temporary Earth Retaining Structures for the Washington Subway System

Foundation Construction on Compacted Structural Fill in the Washington, D.C. Area

Some Applications of Drainage Experience

Irrigation Adequacy with Center Pivot Sprinklers

Optimum Groundwater Level Decline in Eastern Washington

Fish-Passage Facilities at the Wells Project

McNary Dam Symposium
Columbia River, Oregon and Washington

Public Utility Condemnation Cases in the State of Washington

Discussion of "Unusual Design Problems - Second Tacoma Narrows Bridge"





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