A Hydrodynamic FVM Algorithm on Arbitrary Grids
This paper presents a finite volume algorithm for the vertically averaged integral form of the hydrodynamic governing equations on an unstructured grid system. The algorithm is applicable...

Green Light
Construction of the $718 million Metro Green Line, the latest addition to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority's rail plan, required flexible coordination...

A Data Management Model for Change Control in Collaborative Design Environments

Information Technology for Better Management of Change, Cost and Schedule in Construction Projects

A Strength Sensitivity Index for Assessing Climate Warming Effects on Permafrost

Economic Effects of Climate Change on U.S. Water Resources

Assessing the Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change on the Colorado River Basin

Change Management for Collaborative Engineering

Hydrological Impacts of Climate Changes on a Semi-Arid Region of Brazil

Climate Change: What the Water Engineer Should Know

Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in Jamaica

Climate Change Effects on Yaqui Valley Agriculture

Anatomy of the Extraordinary Drought at the United States-Mexico Border

Traffic Control Devices for Low Volume Rural Roads

Assessing the Impact of Channel Deepening in Delaware Bay Through Numerical Modeling
A three-dimensional numerical hydrodynamic model of Delaware Bay is being developed to assess the impact of deepening the navigation channel from near the mouth of Delaware Bay to the...

Writing Effective Specifications
Specification writing is typically looked on as a minor detail, to be handed off to some junior staffer at the end of the design, but is it? Specification often take precedence over the...

Exploring Management Alternatives with Interactive Simulation
A drought exercise was held to disseminate information about a proposed change in reservoir management. In the drought exercise, an interactive operations model was used to simulate drought...

Effects of Climate Change on Water Quality
This research explores the potential effects of climate change on the quality of waters in lakes. Temperature and dissolved oxygen were considered the primary water quality variables due...

A Nested-Model Approach to Investigate Climate Change
Determination of the spatial and temporal distribution of precipitation in mountainous regions is critical for assessing the effects of climate variability on water resources in these...

Climate Change Impacts on Boston's Water Supply
The analysis of the climate sensitivity of the water supply system of the Boston area indicates that the water supply has the potential to be dramatically altered by global warming. The...





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