Robustness of a Multiple-Use Reservoir to Seasonal Runoff Shifts Associated with Climate Change

Bayesian Framework for Model Structure Uncertainty: Application to Sea-Level Response to Changing Global CO2

Simulated Effects of Climatic Change on Runoff and Drought in the Delaware River Basin
Various projection of climatic change were applied to watershed models of the Delaware River basin. Simulations indicate that a warming could reduce annual runoff by as much as 25 percent...

Watershed Planning and Analysis in Action
This proceedings consists of papers presented at the 1990 Watershed Management Symposium held in Durango, Colorado from July 9-14, 1990. These papers present both research performed in...

Future Climatic Change and Energy System Planning: Are Risk Assessment Methods Applicable?

Risk-Cost Evaluation of Coastal Protection Projects with Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

The Prediction of Sea and U.S. Great Lakes Ice Conditions by the Digital Ice Forecasting and Analysis System (DIFAS)

The Potential Effects of Global Climatic Disruption on Coral Reef Ecosystems

Historical Climatic Fluctuations in Southern California and Their Impact on Coastal Erosion and Flooding: 1862 to Present

Emission Rate of Dimethyl Sulfide at the Atmospheric-Oceanic Interface and its Role in Global Climate Change

Sea Level Change, Fisheries, and Coastal Planning

Effect of Global Temperature Rise on the Coastlines of Bangladesh

Contemporary Climate Change and Its Related Effects on Global Shorelines

Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Environments: Implications for Strategic Planning

Local Responses to Sea Level Rise: Charleston, South Carolina

Sea Level Rise and Hazardous Wastes in the Coastal Zone: An Ecological Perspective

Drought in Tennessee: Implications on Irrigation System Capacity
Recent droughts in Tennessee have led to a study of the required irrigation system capacity for the state. Data from 1951 through 1988 were analyzed for probabilities of precipitation...

Role of State Department in Environmental Issues
The Department of State plays a key role in resolving international environmental issues. This paper describes how the Department is organized to deal with environmental concerns, discusses...

Global Climate Change‚ÄĒImplications for Large Water Resource Systems
Prospects of global climatic change resulting from the greenhouse effect are causing increasing concern. Predicted increases in average global temperatures are likely to be accompanied...

Issues of Detectability of Climate Change Impacts on the Runoff of a Southeastern River Basin
Can we detect and predict changes in hydrology caused by climate changes? Assuming credible predictions of climate change, can we predict corresponding hydrologic effects? Are uncertainties...





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