Public Transport in Helsinki
Public transport's share of traffic has not improved in the 90s, although passenger volumes has risen. Improving public transport's share of traffic is important. In fact, there are many...

An Unsteady Finite Volume Circulation Model

A Parallel Finite Volume Scheme for Two Dimensional Hydrodynamic Flows

Swash Zone Velocity and Volumetric Measurement Using a Simple Video Technique

Quasi-Seasonal Morphological Shore Evolution Response to Variable Wave Climate

Synthesizing Geological Observations and Processes–Response Data for Modeling Coastal Change at Management Scale

Resolution Solutions
Disputes over such issues as change orders, extra work, delays, or defective work are an inescapable part of the construction process. By designing an effective dispute management program...

Impacts of Global Climate Change upon a Regional Aquifer System in the Northeastern United States
(No paper) The Charles River Basin is a major water resource in eastern Massachusetts. It used for a variety of purposes including water supply, industrial cooling, waste disposal, flood...

Estimate of Economic Impacts of Climate Change upon US Water Resources Using Partial Equilibrium Modeling
(No paper) The use of the model is to determine the allocation of water between suppliers and consumers under present and future climates such that net economic benefits subject to regulatory...

Potential Climate Change Effects on Great Lakes Hydrodynamics and Water Quality
This report provides a state-of-the-art review of the climate change effects on lake hydrodynamics and water quality. Most of the engineering cases in this book deal with the ability of...

Coastal Process Cyclicity

Climate Change and the California Current Ecosystem

Video for Traffic Data & Incident Detection by Traficon

Loop-Based Travel Time Measurement

Freeway Traffic Prediction Using Neural Networks

Prediction of Short-Term Freeway Traffic Volume Using Recursive Least Squares and Lattice Filtering

Clustering Based RBF Neural Network Model for Short-Term Freeway Traffic Volume Forecasting

Finite Volume Solutions to Unsteady Free Surface Flow with Application to Gravity Waves

The Behavior of Storage Reservoirs in the United States under Climate Change

The Use of Indicators to Evaluate Impacts of Global Warming on Water Resources in the United States





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