Contemporary Climate Change and Its Related Effects on Global Shorelines

Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Environments: Implications for Strategic Planning

Risk-Cost Evaluation of Coastal Protection Projects with Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

A Knowledge-Based Microcomputer Training Tool for Contract Claims

Sea Level Rise and Hazardous Wastes in the Coastal Zone: An Ecological Perspective

The Prediction of Sea and U.S. Great Lakes Ice Conditions by the Digital Ice Forecasting and Analysis System (DIFAS)

Sea Level Change, Fisheries, and Coastal Planning

Role of State Department in Environmental Issues
The Department of State plays a key role in resolving international environmental issues. This paper describes how the Department is organized to deal with environmental concerns, discusses...

The Potential Effects of Global Climatic Disruption on Coral Reef Ecosystems

Who Pays for the Unexpected in Construction—A Contractor's Viewpoint
There are two categories of 'unexpected' conditions inherent in a construction contract. The first are what might be regarded as normal construction risk such...

Future Climatic Change and Energy System Planning: Are Risk Assessment Methods Applicable?

Historical Climatic Fluctuations in Southern California and Their Impact on Coastal Erosion and Flooding: 1862 to Present

Climate Change Effects on Great Lakes Levels
The Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory has developed conceptual models for simulating moisture storages in and runoff from the 121 watersheds draining into the Laurentian Great...

Global Climate Change—Implications for Large Water Resource Systems
Prospects of global climatic change resulting from the greenhouse effect are causing increasing concern. Predicted increases in average global temperatures are likely to be accompanied...

Local Responses to Sea Level Rise: Charleston, South Carolina

Opening the Manual for Questions
User response is key to the development of ASCE's Manual of Professional Practice for Quality in the Constructed Project. Early...

Water Resources Management and Structural Change in Rural Australia
Water policies in Australia are undergoing fundamental change marked by a switch in emphasis from development of further sources of water to management of available supplies. Quite apart...

Shear Strength and Volume-Change Behavior of Copper Tailings Under Saturated Conditions

Flow Calculation in a Francis Runner
The flow through a Francis runner has been analysed theoretically. The flow calculations have been carried out by use of an inviscid 3D computational method solving the Euler-Equations....

Discharge Characteristics of Rectangular Profiled Weirs
This paper contains the results of a detailed experimental program carried out to define the discharge characteristics of rectangular profiled weirs. The flow region where the discharge...





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