Development of a Multivariate Vulnerability Indicator

International Technology Transfer of Hydrologic Components

An Investigation of Coupled Hydromechanical Effects in the Borrowdale Volcanic Group, Sellafield, U.K.

Erosion and Sedimentation in Mount Pinatubo Rivers, Philippines

Acoustic Detection Sensor for Debris Flow

Factors Limiting Microbial Activity in Volcanic Tuff at Yucca Mountain

Approach, Methods and Results of an Individual Elicitation for the Volcanism Expert Judgment Panel

An Assessment of Future Volcanic Hazard at Yucca Mountain

Results of the Probabilistic Volcanic Hazard Analysis Project

Amphibole in Quaternary Basalts of the Yucca Mountain Region: Significance to Volcanism Models

Scientific Issues and Public Interactions: The Yucca Mountain Project

Terrestrial Analogs: Implications for Lunar Lava Tubes
Earlier work has demonstrated that lava tubes did form on the Moon. Comparison of terrestrial lava tubes to their lunar counterparts suggest that they are very similar despite the order...

Evidence for a Welded Tuff in the Rhyolite of Calico Hills

Late Cenozoic Evolution of Fortymile Wash: Major Change in Drainage Pattern in the Yucca Mountain, Nevada Region During Late Miocene Volcanism

Scaling Behavior of Gas Permeability Measurements in Volcanic Tuffs

Science Education Beyond the Classroom
The Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project (YMP) sponsors a variety of classroom-oriented projects and activities for teachers who request them. Also available, though, are extra-curricular...

An Inverse Procedure for Estimating the Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivities of Volcanic Tuffs
A procedure is developed for estimating the hydraulic conductivity function of unsaturated volcanic tuff, using measurements of the sorptivity and capillary pressure functions. The method...

Geophycal Investigations of Buried Volcanic Centers Near Yucca Mountain, Southwest Nevada
Several aeromagnetic dipolar anomalies occur over flat, alluvial areas near Yucca Mountain that resemble anomalies typically associated with subaerial basaltic volcanic centers. Detailed...

Influence of Deterministic Geologic Trends on Spatial Variability of Hydrologic Properties in Volcanic Tuff
Hydrologic properties have been measured on outcrop samples taken from a detailed, two-dimensional grid covering a 1.4 km outcrop exposure of the 10-m thick nonwelded-to-welded, shardy...

The Lathrop Wells Volcanic Center: Status of Field and Geochronology Studies





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