Optimization of the Aquifer Remediation Costs and Design with Pulsed Pumping
(No paper) Pump-and-treat is a common technique for the remediation of contaminated aquifers. However, slow kinetic mass transfer at sites contaminated with organic compounds may reduce...

Chaotic Slackwater: A Journey Into the Science of Chaos as a Means to Understanding the Parallels between How We Manage Our Organizations and Natural Ecosystems
(No paper) From the ice age to slackwater, the Columbia River continues to ebb and flow through our lives. This paper will explore the ebb and flow between natural and human ecosystems....

Reversal of Historic Water Level Decline Has Surprising Consequences
(No paper) This paper discusses the causes of the water level rise and options available to the building owner to deal with both the rising water table and VOC contamination....

Analyses of Damage to Sewer Pipes in Shibetsu Town During the 1994 Hokkaido–Toho–Oki Earthquake

Contaminant Analysis in Tundra by Pyrolysis-GC/FID

Characterization of Saprolite Heterogeneities Using Innovative Techniques

Pipeline Construction for Designers

Horizonatal Directional Drilling with Ductile Iron Pipes

Evaluation of Wood Chip Fill on MN TH 53

The Capture and Use of Organizational Knowledge During Design & BCO Reviews

Impact of Remedial Landfill Cover Systems and Gas Extraction Systems on Groundwater VOC Concentrations

Site Remediation and Brownfields Redevelopment of the Former Koppers Seaboard Site, Kearny, New Jersey

Strength Gain of Organic Ground with Cement-Type Binders

Launched Bridges
Launched Bridges is a book designed to merge the static, organizational, and economic aspects of construction techniques for the launch of...

The Moseley Riveted Wrought Iron Arch: A National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

Marine Fishery Refugia and Coastal Fishery Management

Annual Variation in Effects of UV Radiation on Plankton

Organochlorines: The Silent Killer

Organizational Issues in Coastal Governance: A Regional Monitoring Example

Will Global Change Affect Planktonic Productivity?





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