Enhancement of In Situ Zero-Valent Metal Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater

2-D Experimental Investigation of Surfactant Mobilization of Light Nonaqueous Phase Liquid

Designing SVE to Remove Volatile LNAPLs

Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Soil Vapor Extraction

Modeling the Behavior of LNAPLs Under Hydraulic Flushing

Stochastic Finite Element Analysis for Multiphase Flow in Random Porous Media

Surface Thermodynamics of an Organoclay

International Sourcebook for Construction Industry Product Assessment
Prepared by the Civil Engineering Research Foundation This report presents a summary of some of the key characteristics of 27 leading construction...

The Marketing Director and the Marketing Team
All employees of a firm are part of the marketing organization. The general staff indirectly performs their marketing task by doing their work well. The leaders of the organization, however,...

The Psychology of Business Development
A successful marketing-oriented firm that is service-minded will have its entire staff involved in selling at different levels. This includes how phones are answered as well as how proposals...

Highlights of Project Management
One of the most important persons in an A/E organization is the PM. There may be one or many, but they are the lifeblood of the firm. How are PMs trained, or are they? What directions...

Total Quality Management (TQM)
The PM's first responsibility is quality. This means quality of the final product along with quality and management throughout the project. The PM may belong to an organization...

Starting a Project
Project start-up marks the end of the planning activities and the beginning of the project. The PM must take the steps necessary to set up job numbers, job data sheets, assemble data needed...

Project team is a broad term. In general, it encompasses all the people and organizations working on the project—architect, engineer, consultants, client, client's consultants,...

Project Control
The project work plan, as originally written and modified during the course of projects, sets up specific schedule and budget yardsticks; each project task is to be completed in a specific...

Water Quality Regs: Staying Ahead
After a century in which water utilities could stay well ahead of most regulations simply by being responsible, professional organizations, they now seem to be playing catchup in a game...

Onsite Analysis of Organic Compounds Using Field Screening Techniques

Partitioning of VOCs in Clay Liner Materials

Organobentonites as Components of Earthen Landfill Liners to Minimize Contaminant Transport

The PPI Superfund Site: Remedial Measures and Alternatives





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