Simulating DBP Precursor Transport in Sacramento Delta
Fate and movement of disinfection by-product organic precursors in California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta was simulated for a 365-thy period with a hydrodynamics and transport...

Fostering Reclamation through Cooperation
The WaterReuse Association of California is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to removing the barriers to water recycling in a State where water supply is a critical issue....

Water Resources Planning for the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana
Water resources planning in Indian Country has produced varied results. On the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes are using an integrated approach to managing...

The Fate of Pathogenic Organisms in Mamala Bay
The fate of enteric organisms in Mamala Bay is studied using coupled hydrodynamic and pathogen fate models. The purpose of the study is to determine the contributions of various sources...

When Toxics Meet Metal
Zero-valent iron is an emerging remediation technology that transforms chlorinated solvents to harmless substances. Engineers and researchers have been studying the process for about five...

Cleaning Up Clay
Using soil vapor extraction to remove volatile organic compounds from ground water and unsaturated soils can achieve faster and more-complete cleanups than conventional pump-and-treat...

Crossing Bridges with Ductile Iron Pipe—Update 1995

Design of Pressure Class Ductile Iron Pipe on Supports

The Virtual Design Team (VDT): Concurrent Design of Facility Products, Processes and Organizations

A Computational Organizational Approach to Modeling an Engineering Design Team

Approaches to Simulating Organizational Behavior of Concurrent Design Teams

Process Models in Enterprise Engineering - Tools for Enhancing Process Description

Interference by Natural Organics in Diesel Analyses

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Removal via Volatilization and Biodegradation at McGrath, Alaska

Iron(II) Amine Complex Soil Stabilization

Management of Water Treatment Plant Residuals
Potable water treatment processes produce safe drinking water and generate a wide variety of waste products known as residuals, including organic and inorganic compounds in liquid, solid,...

Marine Borers Are Back
Cleaning up the nation's harbors has brought a resurgence in marine borer activity. These organisms, mainly the teredo and the limnoria, eat at timber piers, undermining critical...

Process Upscaling of Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Behavior in Heterogenous Aquifers

Optimizing Soil Vapor Extraction System Design and Operations for NAPL Remediation

In Situ Groundwater Treatment by Granular Zero-Valent Iron Design, Construction and Operation of an In Situ Treatment Wall





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