Porous Asphalt and Permeable Friction Course Overlays
Porous asphalt typically consists of conventional warm mix asphalt (WMA) or hot mix asphalt (HMA) with significantly reduced fines resulting in an open-graded mixture that allows water...

Pervious Concrete
Pervious concrete consists of a hydraulic cementitious binding system combined with an open-graded aggregate to produce a rigid pavement with typically 15% to 25% interconnected void space....

Mine Voids: What's Down There, Anyway? Characterizing Mine Voids for Civil Construction

Density Tests above Zero Air Voids Line
(Originally published in J. of Geotechnical Engineering, 1989, 115(7), 1003-1018.)...

Nonlocal Integral Formulations of Plasticity and Damage: Survey of Progress
Modeling of the evolution of distributed damage such as microcracking, void formation, and softening frictional slip necessitates strain-softening constitutive models. The nonlocal continuum...

Post-Yield Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Membrane Elements—The Hsu/Zhu Ratios

Low-Cost Bridge Scour Measurements

Perpetual Pilots
Because testing new processes, treatment chemicals, and operational modifications is difficult in full-scale water treatment facilities, many utilities are installing permanent pilot plants....

Risk Assessment Methods for Environmental Accounting

Low-Cost Ice Control Structures for Small Rivers

Riding the Technology Wave
Computer hardware and software is getting faster, more powerful and more affordable. At the same time, the way in which engineers use the equipment is varying. Identifying costs and benefits...

Mitigation of Void Development under Bridge Approach Slabs Using Rubber Tire Chips
The problem of void development under bridge approach slabs has been correlated to the use of integral abutment bridges (Schaefer and Koch, 1992). This void development then causes settlement...

The New Environment for Consolidation
Environmental consulting firms are planning more acquisitions–and to acquire more companies each time they do–in 1998 than in previous years. This finding, from an exclusive survey by...

Determination of Void Fabric Tensor of Soils Without Radial Sampling Bias

Airport Automated People Movers: Costs and Benefits

A Methodology for Benefit-Cost Evaluation of Freeway Service Patrol Programs

Quantifying Countywide Benefits and Impacts of TSM Projects

Equity, Cost and Environmental Benefit of Clay Distribution

Sand Structure Differences Resulting from Specimen Preparation Procedures

Intergranular Void Ratio - Steady State Strength Relations for Silty Sands





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