Performance of Viscoelastic Structural Dampers for the Columbia Center Building
Vibratory motion of structures such as buildings, bridges, and floors can be reduced by the use of viscoelastic (V. E. ) dampers. Such dampers transfer part of the vibratory energy of...

Building Motion in Wind
The trend towards higher structural efficiency and hence lower cost has resulted in a generation of lighter and more flexible buildings with a lower inherent capacity for energy dissipation...

Taming Lively Buildings
Mechanical damping systems are increasingly being used for controlling dynamic responses of tall buildings. Several types of dampers are described, and compared, beginning with the three...

Seismic Interaction Among Numerous Masses Founded on a Viscoelastic Stratum
The steady-state harmonic response of systems comprising numerous masses resting on a homogeneous, viscoelastic stratum with hysteretic damping is studied. The stratum, bearing on a rigid...

Creep Properties of Ice: Theory and Experiment
In recent years, intensive developments in Northern regions have increased the demand for solutions to a large number of engineering problems involving ice mechanics. In particular, these...

A Hybrid Method for Problems of Dynamics of Foundation

Stress Analysis of Elastic Pipeline and Ambient Viscoelastic Media

Finite Beam on Vlazov Layer

On Creep and Relaxation of the Viscoelastic Materials

Periodic Response of a Finite Viscoelastic Layered Media

The Use of Bitumen in Coastal Structures

Synthesis of Transmitting Boundaries by Use of Green's Functions

Dynamic Stability of Viscoelastic Cylindrical Shells

On Finite Deformation of Viscoelastic Disks

The Development of Nonlinear Constitutive Models for Structural Analysis of Turbine Engine Components

Random Shrinkage Stresses in Aging Viscoelastic Vessel
Shrinkage stresses caused by random variation of environmental humidity in a long cylindrical concrete wall sealed at the internal surface are analyzed, taking creep and aging of concrete...

Strain-Rate Effect in Rapid Triaxial Loading of Concrete
Presented is a generalization of time-independent nonlinear triaxial constitutive relations for concrete to model short-time viscoelastic effects. The effect of strain-rate magnitude upon...

Vibration of Flexible Plate on Viscoelastic Medium
The dynamic response of a massless flexible circular plate with a rigid core supported on a layered viscoelastic half-space and subjected to harmonic vertical and rocking excitation is...

Damping of Frames with Viscoelastic Infill Panels
The effectiveness of energy absorbing infill panels as a passive means for increasing damping and minimizing vibration is examined. Methods for designing such infills, simplified models...

The Infinite Elastic Beam on a Linear Viscoelastic Foundation





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