Real-Time Testing of a Full-Scale Frame with Viscoelastic Dampers

Viscoelastic Modeling of Paper

The Viscoelastic-Large Deformation Response of the Taylor Impact Cylinder

Effect of Maxwell Binder on Two-Phase Materials

Stochastic Response of Systems with Linear Hysteretic Damping

A Uniaxial Constitutive Model Accounting for Viscoelasticity and Damage Evolution under Cyclic Loading

Cohesive Crack Model with Rate-Dependence and Viscoelasticity

Energy Dissipation in Concrete Materials Due to Viscoelastic and Damage Mechanisms

Inelastic Strains of Porous Saturated Media

Dynamic Stability of Viscoelastic Structures under Stochastic Loading

Heat and Moisture Absorption Effects in Composites; Theory and Experiments

Age, Deformation, and Temperature Effects of Viscoelastic Materials Under Large Deformations

Dynamic Stability of Viscoelastic Plates Subjected to Ramdomly Varying In-Plane Loads

A Hybrid Numerical Technique, Combining the Finite Element and Boundary Element Methods, for Modeling Elastodynamic Scattering Problems

A Fundamental Study on the Discontinuities and Heterogeneities of Asphalt Concrete

On the Time Domain Analysis of Viscoelastic Models with Complex Coefficients

Constitutive Model for Viscoelastic-Fluid Dampers

Utilizing Visco-Elastic Dampers in the Seismic Retrofit of a Thirteen Story Steel Framed Building
A 13 story steel framed building in Santa Clara Country, California exhibited strong beating effects (torsional coupling) and prolonged building response as result of various seismic events....

Rate Dependent Plasticity and Damage for Concrete

How Do Geosynthetics Improve Pavement's Performance





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