Viral Fate and Transport Modeling under Salinity Impact
This research studied the impact of salinity on sorption and transport of MS-2 in saturated sand through one-dimensional column experiments. MS-2 was used as a surrogate to understand...

Dengue Fever: Potential Threat to the Southern States

Simulation of Unsaturated Zone Virus Transport Adjacent to Municipal Wells
The EPA proposed groundwater disinfection rule for municipal wells would allow exemptions if, among other options, the necessary virus source setback distance could be maintained to provide...

Patheogen Removal Beneath An Artificial Recharge Basin

Is It Safe to Eat the Seafood?
The issue of bacterial, viral and chemical contamination of Puget Sound seafood and its consequent impact on human health has been of concern for some time. This paper discusses potential...

Pilot Testing to Evaluate Virus Removal and Deactivation

The Incidence, Monitoring, and Treatment of Viruses in Water Supply Systems
A State-of-the Art Review
Two areas of growing concern in water treatment and public health are the potential for spread of viruses by water routes and the adequacy of current treatment and disinfection practices...

Chlorine Inactivation of a DNA-Containing Enteric Virus

Removal of Virus from Public Water Supplies

Cost-Effective Use of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Ponds
Treatment ponds are a cost-effective alternative for municipal wastewater treatment. When compared to other secondary treatment alternatives, ponds are generally the least costly, require...

Second-Decade Situation in Analysis of Artificial Heart Valves

Estimation of Wastewater-Generated Viral Aerosols

Biological Control of Intestinal Bacteria and Viruses

Halogen Action on Bacteria, Viruses, and Protozoa

Viral Disinfection of Estuarine Water by UV

Integrated Approach to the Problem of Viruses in Water

Inactivation of Virus in Sewage

Viral Pollution and Depuration of Shellfish

Natural Virus Inactivation Processes in Sea Water

Salt and Virus Inactivation by Chlorine and High pH





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