Road Safety Audits - A Summary of Current Practice

Research on Composite Structures in Australia 1960–1985

An Improved Partial Connection Method for Composite Slab Design

President's Diary: U.S., Civil Engineers Renew Ties with Australia, New Zealand

Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Victoria Bridge

Coastal Ocean Model Performance in Eastern Australia

Transferable Discharge Permits as a Function of Fluctuating Stream Conditions

Managing the Impacts of Storm Surges on Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Victoria Island is one of the barrier islands along the Nigerian Coast. The others are Lagos, Lekki, Ikovi, and Badagry. A general characteristic of these barrier islands in Nigeria is...

Risk Assessment Approach to Dam Safety Criteria

History of Coastal Engineering in Australia

Effective Management and Control of Urban Flood Disasters in West Africa
This paper begins by examining the characteristics of the impacts of flood disasters in the urban centers of West Africa. The paper then examines some significant examples of individual...

Interaction Between Nearshore Natural Processes on Macro-Tidal Beaches. Case Study Along the Capricorn Coast, Australia

Stormwater Injection Effects on Groundwater Quality in South Australia

Experience in Injecting Storm Water Into Aquifers to Enhance Irrigation Water Supplies in South Australia

100 Years of Stormwater Recharge: Mount Gambier, South Australia

Monitoring the Effects of Sewage Sludge on a Pasture Ecosystem Grazed by Sheep in South-eastern Australia - Prelininary Results

Deepwater Ocean Outfalls for Sydney Australia

An Australian Perspective on the Roles of Riparian Vegetation in River Restoration

Some Aspects of Compression Member Design in Australia
The paper summarizes and elucidates the provisions of the Australian Standard AS4100-1990, Steel Structures, for the design of compression members. Emphasis is placed on those aspects...

Modeling Circulation and Salinity Transport in the Indian River Lagoon
This paper presents preliminary results form a hydrodynamic and salinity transport modeling study of a section of the Indian River Lagoon near Melbourne, FL. The study is motivated by...





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