An Approximation Method for Estimating Extremes of Narrow-Band Non-Gaussian Random Vibration

Approximate Solutions to Nonlinear Random Vibration Problems and the Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov Equation

System and Input Identification with Partially Correlated Load Processes

Statistical System Identification of Structures Using ARMA Models

Probabilistic Evaluation of Wood-Joist Floor Vibrations

Stable Forced Vibrations Near Unstable Positions

Identification of Wind Spectral Characteristics from Structure Response

Vibration Absorber for Offshore Structures: Frequency-Domain Analysis

Synthesis of Correlated and Vector-Valued Time Series Based on Random Vibration for Nuclear Piping

Fatigue Failures of Hexa'lliptical Steel Davit Arms Induced by Aeolian Vibrations at Resonant Conditions

Statistical Moments of Principal Stress-Related Quantities in Random Vibration Analysis

Overcoming Soil Uncertainty in Prediction of Construction and Industrial Vibrations

Bad Vibrations
Insurance companies often hire engineers to investigate homeowner claims of damage caused by vibrations near a blast or construction site. But these engineers often lack the background...

A Pore-Scale Study of the Stability of Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Ganglia under the Influence of Vibrations

The Effects of Construction Joint in Mass Concrete

An Electro-Optical Accelerometer for Civil Structural Applications

Moment Equations for Linear Systems Subjected to Polynomials of Filtered Poisson Processes

Stochastic Response of Systems with Linear Hysteretic Damping

Random Vibrations of an Isochronous SDOF Bilinear System with Secondary Structure

Active Vibration Control of Double Wall Composite Shells to Random Inputs





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