A Solution for Wind-Induced Vortex-Shedding Vibration of the Harmony and Heritage Platforms During Transpacific Tow
This paper describes the results of an advanced procedure for analyzing wind-induced vortex-shedding vibration (VSV) which was used for the transpacific tows of the Harmony and Heritage...

A Rectilinear Force Generator For Full Scale Vibration Testing

Measurements of On-Site Dynamic Parameters for Seismic Evaluations

Measure the Crack Instead of Construction Vibrations

Good Vibrations
As advances in material technology and structural efficiency find reflection in structures that are lighter, more slender, and more daring architecturally, design teams must focus more...

Surface and Deep Vibratory Compaction of Sand

Monitoring Construction Vibrations (Available in Geoenvironmental Special Issue only)
A review of procedures, criteria and equipment used to protect buildings and other structures from construction generated vibrations, the article begins by describing the importance of...

Considerations on Soil-Structure Interaction Effects on Vibration Control of Seismically Excited Structures

Floor Vibrations: Ultra-Long Span Joist Floors

Forced and Ambient Vibration Tests of Hakucho Suspension Bridge

Using Locally Available Materials and Methods

Asphalt Quality Control through Compactor Vibratory Responses

Analyses of Ice-Induced Vibration and Estimation of Soil Softening under Vibration of a Suction Foundation Platform

Some Effects of Construction on the Performance of Deep Foundations

Vibration Control in Lattice Communication Towers

Damage Assessment of Jacketed Columns

Introduction to the ASCE Guide for the Dynamic Response of Lattice Towers

Forced Motions of a Pneumatic Floating Platform

Vibro-Replacement for Liquefaction Mitigation for a Hospital Site

Prediction of Settlements of Structures Due to Pile Driving





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