This chapter examines the types and sizes of equipment required to drill grout holes, proportion and mix grout materials, and deliver and inject grout into the holes in an underground...

Uses and Limitations of Conventional Hydraulic Models in the Planning and Design of Storage Tunnels
The hydraulic design of storage tunnels requires special considerations relative to the design of conventional sewers. These issues include characterization and control of inflows, energy...

Two-in-One Tunnel
Engineers are converting the 2.6 mi (4.2 km) Anton Anderson Railroad Tunnel that connects the isolated town of Whittier, Alaska, to the rest of the state into a combination highway-railroad...

Update on Development of Auto-Venting Turbine Technology

For Whom the Bugs Toil
Bioventing is soil ventilation intended to enhance the biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminants in soils by providing a supply of oxygen. Soil microbes are capable of consuming...

Structural Aerodynamics (Available only in Focus on Structures Special Edition)
One of the most strikingly ambitious public buildings in France, county governmental headquarters in Marseille, achieves the status of world-class architecture largely through its structural...

Applications of CFD Flow Modelling in Building Design

Effect of Repository Underground Ventilation on Emplacement Drift Temperature Control

Thermal Management with Ventilation

Moisture Removal from the Repository by Ventilation and Impacts on Design

Natural Ventilation of an Exothermic Waste Repository

Estimation of Leakage Quantity for Long Auxiliary Ventilation Systems

Discharge Characteristics of Overshot Gates
Overshot gates are becoming increasingly popular for controlling water levels in open channels because of the ability of the gates to handle flow surges with limited depth changes. While...

Design of Central Artery/Tunnel Ventilation Building No. 4

Ventilation and Vapor-Phase Transport Near the ESF Tunnel

Analaysis of Near-Field Thermal and Psychometric Waste Package Environment Using Ventilation

Feasibility of Cooling Emplacement Drifts by Ventilation Air and Effects of Pre-Cooling Intake Air by Refrigeration

Radon Concentration and Working Level in the Exploratory Studies Facility (ESF)

Experiences with Welding Multi-Assembly Sealed Baskets at Palisades

An Auxiliary Ventilation Design Approach for the ESF Development at Yucca Mountain





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