Velocity and Temperature in Buoyant Surface Jet

Beach Profile Surveys along the U.S. Pacific Coast: 1945-1947

Simulating Radionuclide Transport Away from an Underground Nuclear Test: Linking Non-Isothermal Flow and Mechanistic Reactive Transport
The low-yield (0.75 kiloton) Cambric underground nuclear test situated in alluvium below the water table offers unique perspectives on radionuclide transport in groundwater. The Cambric...

Application of a SonTek Argonaut Side-Looking (SL) Doppler Flow Meter for Measuring Discharge on the Southern Leg of the Parana' River at the Entrance to the Itaipu Binacional Reservoir, Parana', Brasil
Index-velocity and water level data collected with a SonTek Argonaut Side-Looking (SL) Doppler Flow Meter and channel cross-sectional area data were used to compute total discharge on...

Calibration of Water-Velocity Meters
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), as part of its responsibility to appraise the quantity of water resources in the United States, maintains facilities for the calibration of water-velocity...

The Determination of Velocity Spectra and Dissipation by Direct and Indirect Means using Second-Order Accurate PIV
In this paper we present a 2 nd order accurate technique in space (following Wereley & Meinhart's (2001) extension of Cowen & Monismith's (1997) dynamic sub-window PIV...

Possible Sand Resources on the Reef Front Around Oahu
Large sediment deposits on the reef front around Oahu are a possible resource for replenishing eroded beaches. An overview is given on the collection of closely spaced, high-resolution...

Investigation of Velocity Patterns under a Bridge Deck in a Pressure Flow Condition

Using HEC-RAS to Compute Scour at Bridges

Determination of Bridge Scour Velocity in an Estuary

Bed Roughness over Vortex Ripples

Sediment Fluxes above a Mobile Sandy Bed in the Nearshore

Cross-Shore Beach Profile Response to Storm Surge

Near-Bottom Velocity and Cross-Shore Sediment Transport in the Nearshore

Influence of Tidal Water Surface Fluctuations on Beach Profile Evolution

Cross-Shore Transport and Profile Evolution at Duck, North Carolina

Modeling Cross-Shore Sediment Transport at Different Scales Using Equilibrium Beach Profile Theory

Sediment Dynamics and Profile Interactions of a Beach Nourishment Project

Sub-Tidal Resolution of Beach Profiles on a Macro-Tidal Shingle Beach

Beach, Dune and Offshore Profile Response to a Severe Storm Event





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