Economical and Statistical Based On-Farm Irrigation Scheduling
Most irrigation scheduling techniques are not based upon the statistics of the irrigations or economics of irrigated crop production. Traditional irrigation scheduling is based upon average...

Use of the TETrans Model in Predicting ET Effects on Groundwater Quality
Recently Corwin and Waggoner (1991) developed a contaminant transport software package referred to as TETrans, (acronym for Trace Element Transport). TETrans is a useful preliminary assessment...

2-D Evaporation and Root Extraction in an FEM
Two-dimensional processes of soil evaporation and moisture extraction by plant roots (horizontal and vertical) were incorporated into a saturated/unsaturated finite element model (UNSAT2)...

Bodkin Island Wetland Restoration Project Design
Bodkin Island in the Chesapeake Bay will be increased by 2 hectares through placement of dredged material to create nesting and brood habitat for black ducks. The enlarged island will...

Modified QUAL2E Modeling of a Stream Acutely Impacted by Photosynthesis and Respiration
The QUAL2E model was modified to account for time variable headwater conditions and the photosynthesis and respiration of attached aquatic plants. With these modifications, a stream that...

Predicting Water Quality as Affected by ET Using the Root Zone Water Quality Model
The Root Zone Water Quality Model (RZWQM) is a physically based simulation model used to predict water and solute movement running from, moving through, and leaching out of the root zone....

A Two-Dimensional Surface Drift Model for River Ice
A two-dimensional surface drift model for river ice with low ice discharge conditions is presented. The model is applied to the Grass Island Pool area of the Niagara River and compared...

Radar Monitoring of Ice on the Upper Niagara River
A standard marine radar was used during the winter of 1987-88 to evaluate its potential to monitor the presence and movement of ice in the Grass Island Pool area of the upper Niagara River....

Compaq Center East Water Management Plan
This Water Management Plan attempts to balance the many goals which were established in the Master Plan. Major areas of natural vegetation have been preserved. Stormwater quality pond/wetland...

Contribution of Vegetation Roots to Shear Strength of Soil

The Hydrology of a Caribbean Mangrove Island

Relative Fisheries Values of Natural Versus Transplanted Eelgrass Beds (Zostera marina) in Southern California

NOAA's Coastwatch: Change Analysis Program

Monitoring Seagrass Distribution and Abundance Patterns

The Muzzi Marsh, Corte Madera, California—Long-Term Observations of a Restored Marsh in San Francisco Bay

Seagrass Decline: Problems and Solutions

Exploitation of Ecological Growth Models for Management of Seagrass Resources

Successful Tidal Wetland Mitigation in Norfolk, VA

Establishing Eelgrass Beds in California

A Study of Fishing Port Structures with Improved Environmental Protection Technology





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