Turbulent Open-Channel Flow Through Simulated Vegetation

Simulation of Suspended Sediment Transport in Vegetated Open Channel Flows With a κ-ε Turbulence Model

Plant Surface Area and Wetland Treatment Efficiency

Estimating Flow Resistance in Vegetated Channels

Hydrologic Modelling Within GRASS - r.hydro.CASC2D

SWMS_2D Application to a Vegetated Field Site

Hydrodynamics and Chemical Transport in the Root Zone and Shallow Ground Water System: Modeling

Alternative Landfill Cover Demonstration

An Australian Perspective on the Roles of Riparian Vegetation in River Restoration

Vegetation and Stream Stability: A Scale Analysis

Development of a Wetland/Riparian Resource Model for the Missouri River System
Wetlands and riparian areas are significant resources along the Missouri River, providing important fish and wildlife habitat. These resources required evaluation as part of the review...

Missouri River Least Tern and Piping Plover Model Development
As part of the update of the Missouri River Master Water Control Manual, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is evaluating the effects of numerous water management alternatives on endangered...

Late Holocene Climate Derived From Vegetation History and Plant Cellulose Stable Isotope Records From the Great Basin of Western North America

Milwaukee County Parks' Brown Deer Golf Course Lands P. G. A. Tour Event: A Gem of a Golf Course is Polished to a New Brilliance

Floodflow Effects on Riparian Vegetation in Arizona
A relation for estimating changes in the condition of riparian vegetation as a function of stream power was developed for stream channels in central Arizona. Flood and vegetation data...

Roughness Coefficients for High-Gradient Channels in New York State
Manning's roughness coefficients (n values) were computed for a range of flows at six streams in New York State (USA) that have high energy gradients (greater than 0.002) and large median...

Costs and Benefits of Meeting the San Francisco Bay Copper Objective by Regulating Small Treatment Plants
Metals in aquatic environments, even in very small amounts, are of concern because of potential toxicity to aquatic life forms. Copper is of particular concern in the San Francisco Bay...

Restoring and Protecting Marine Habitat

Planting of Large-Scale Marsh Projects

A Design for a Football Stadium Roof Enabling Growth of a Natural Grass Playing Surface: Sydney Football Stadium - Australia
This paper discusses the development of a design for a stadium roof which will provide conditions allowing the growth of a wearable natural grass surface suitable for sports including...





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