Submerged Operation of the Fixed-Cone Valve

Cavitation in Cone Valves

Finite Analytic Numerical Solution of Steady Laminar Flow Past Axi-Symmetric Disc-Valves

Flow Past Prosthetic Valves in a Model Human Aorta

Analyses and Field Tests for Hydraulic Transients Sultan Hydroelectric Project
Two in-line Francis units with their long discharge conduit and bypass valves present some unique problems in controlling hydraulic transients in this system. The problems were compounded...

Miramar/Alvarado Hydropower Projects
The San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) was organized in 1944 to provide imported water to member agencies in San Diego County. The 24 member agencies supply 90 percent of the water...

Hydraulic Design of the Strontia Springs Diversion Dam
The hydraulic features which were of primary significance for the project were the diversion tunnel and spillway. The low-level outlet valves and water-supply intake were relatively straight-forward...

Quick Stroking: A Fast and Accurate Algorithm for Time-Optimal Valve Closure Synthesis
In this paper, a fast, simple, yet effective technique for valve motion synthesis is developed. This technique called Quick Stroking is applied to a practical example problem, and it may...

Prototype Studies of Corps of Engineers Structures Experiencing Cavitation Damage
A number of Corps of Engineers structures have sustained damage caused by the occurrence of cavitation. The damage has varied from slight pitting to severe erosion. The damage has occurred...

Factory-Built Pump Stations for Water Service
Booster pumps for fire protection in tall buildings and small sewage pump stations have been available for many years as factory-built packages. These packages include pumps, motors, controls,...

Valve Stroking to Avoid Clogging in Coal Slurry Systems

Swedish Valve Tube Grouting

San Francisco Ocean Outfall Port Valve Development

Major Aspects of the Analysis of Structures and Systems for Safety Relief Valve (SRV) Discharge Loads

Studies of the Mitral Valve in a Computer Test Chamber

Turbulent Properties of Aortic Valve Prosthesis

Fluid Dynamics of the St. Jude Aortic Heart Valve Prosthesis

Second-Decade Situation in Analysis of Artificial Heart Valves

A Computer Test Chamber for Prosthetic Valve Design

Analysis of Safety Valve Discharging into Closed Piping System





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